7 Best YouTube Video Downloader in 2023


YouTube has become the go-to source for video content online with its massive and diverse library. However, streaming videos constantly can burn through mobile data and be inconvenient when offline. Wouldn’t it be useful to download and save YouTube videos for anytime viewing?

This is where YouTube video downloaders come in – tools that allow seamlessly grabbing videos from YouTube for enjoying later without an internet connection. But with so many options, how does one determine the best YouTube video downloaders that are fast, safe and easy to use?

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the world of YouTube video downloaders. We’ll understand what they are, how they work, key factors in choosing the right one, and review the top 7 downloader tools in 2023 based on speed, format support, pricing, interface and more.

Whether you are looking to build your offline video library or watch tutorials on the go, this guide will help identify the ideal YouTube video downloader suited for your specific needs and use case. Let’s get started!

What is YouTube Video Downloader?

YouTube video downloader is a software program or online tool that enables you to download and save videos from YouTube onto any device like your desktop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV etc. It does this by extracting the video file from YouTube’s servers and making it available for offline usage.

These downloaders allow you to grab videos from YouTube and also convert them into different file formats if needed. This makes it easy to build up an offline collection of videos from YouTube for entertainment and learning when you don’t have internet access. Some tools support downloading entire playlists or channels too!

YouTube video downloaders serve as productivity enhancers for responsible personal video curation uses and not mass unauthorized distribution. Downloaded videos are meant only for individual offline viewing.

How to Choose a YouTube Video Downloader

With so many downloaders out there, identifying one that is best suited depends on your specific use case and needs. Here are key aspects to evaluate:

  • Downloading Speed – Faster is better for quick grabs and batches
  • Output Video Quality – Retention of full HD, 4K quality from YouTube
  • Format Conversion – Options to save video in MP4, AVI, etc.
  • Playlist Support – Ability to download full playlists, channels
  • Device Support – Availability of desktop & mobile apps
  • Pricing – Free or paid tiers for extra features
  • Intuitive Interface – Simple and easy to use UX for beginners
  • Reliability – Consistent and error-free functioning across videos
  • Brand Reputation – Established track record and user trust

By weighing these crucial criteria, you can zero in on the ideal YouTube video downloader matching your exact needs and preferences.

7 Best YouTube Video Downloaders in 2023

YouTube Video Downloaders Comparison Table

DownloaderFeaturesProsConsBest ForRating
Y2mateOnline video & audio converterFast, unlimited use, playlists downloadNo metadata editing, browser onlyFree online video & audio conversion5/5
SSYouTubeBrowser extension downloaderSimple 1-click downloadNo playlist or mobile supportQuick browser-based downloading4/5
YTMP3Online audio converterRetains audio quality, fastNo video download, mobile supportOnline audio conversion4.5/5
TubidyOnline & mobile downloaderGood quality, mobile supportLimited featuresOn-the-go mobile downloading4/5
Any Video ConverterDesktop downloading softwareVery fast batch downloadCluttered interfaceBatch video download4/5
4K Video DownloaderDesktop ultra HD downloaderTrue 4K quality retentionPaid 4K license, large filesUltra HD video downloads4.5/5
ClipGrabOpen source desktop downloaderFree, active developmentMax 720p, slower speedsFree YouTube downloading4/5

Based on extensive independent research and testing, we have curated 7 of the best performing and top rated YouTube video downloaders available today.


Y2mate is an immensely popular free online YouTube video and audio downloader and converter. It can grab videos and audio seamlessly from YouTube.

Key Features

  • Can download YouTube videos as MP4 files or extract audio as MP3
  • Supports batch downloading
  • Offers 720p and 1080p video quality
  • Unlimited downloads and conversions


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Fast download and conversion speeds
  • Can download entire YouTube playlists
  • No limits on downloads


  • Requires a browser extension plugin
  • Cannot edit metadata
  • Desktop site only, no mobile app

With its fast performance, unlimited usage and full playlist downloading, Y2mate is an excellent free YouTube video and audio grabber and converter.


SSYouTube is a popular browser extension for one-click YouTube video and audio downloading.

Key Features

  • Extensions available for Chrome and Firefox
  • One-click downloads from YouTube pages
  • Can download up to 4K MP4 videos
  • Allows MP3 audio extraction


  • Extremely convenient one-click download functionality
  • Seamless YouTube site integration
  • Quality options from 144p to 2160p
  • Lightweight and fast performance


  • Cannot convert playlists
  • No mobile app, browser-only
  • Lacks advanced settings

SSYouTube offers smooth seamless one-click YouTube video downloading capabilities as a browser-based tool.


YTMP3 specializes in converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio format. It is completely free and web-based.

Key Features

  • Converts YouTube videos to MP3 audio
  • Supports playlist conversion
  • Unlimited downloads
  • ID3 metadata tagging


  • Retains original audio quality
  • Fast batch conversion ability
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • No limits on downloads


  • Cannot download video files
  • No mobile support or apps
  • Audio conversion only

YTMP3 is an efficient focused tool for lightning fast YouTube audio extraction and conversion.


Tubidy is an intuitive online YouTube video and audio downloader and converter.

Key Features

  • Can download YouTube videos as MP4 files
  • Allows MP3 audio extraction from videos
  • Supports URL input or video search
  • Offers mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • Feature-rich online platform and mobile apps
  • Good MP3 audio quality
  • Fast download and conversion
  • No account registration required


  • Mobile apps contain some ads
  • Cannot convert full playlists
  • Maximum 1080p video resolution

With great mobile support and an easy-to-use interface, Tubidy provides a quality on-the-go YouTube downloading experience.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a desktop YouTube to MP3 converter software for Windows and Mac.

Key Features

  • Can download videos from 1000+ sites
  • One-click MP3 audio extraction
  • Batch convert multiple videos
  • Video conversion to other formats


  • Very fast batch conversion
  • Maintains original audio bitrate
  • Supports playlists and channels
  • Extra video editing tools


  • Primarily desktop application
  • Cluttered interface with ads
  • Max 1080p resolution limit

Despite its messy interface, Any Video Converter offers excellent speeds for batch YouTube to MP3 conversion.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a popular desktop software to download YouTube videos in ultra HD quality.

Key Features

  • Downloads YouTube videos up to 8K
  • Can extract MP3 audio
  • Supports channels and playlists
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux


  • Downloads video in true 4K quality
  • Retains 100% original audio
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can download whole channels


  • 4K requires paid license
  • Cannot edit metadata
  • Large files for 4K videos

With the ability to download YouTube videos in original ultra HD quality, 4K Video Downloader excels for high-fidelity downloads.


ClipGrab is an open source desktop software for downloading and converting YouTube videos on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Key Features

  • Can download videos from YouTube & other sites
  • Extracts audio to MP3 and other formats
  • Supports channels and playlists
  • 100% free and open source


  • Completely free and open source
  • Actively maintained and developed
  • Great audio conversion capabilities
  • User-friendly interface


  • Max 720p downloads
  • Slower than paid tools
  • Desktop app only

As a free open source tool, ClipGrab delivers solid performance for YouTube video downloads and MP3 conversion.


YouTube video downloaders enable saving online videos offline for anytime playback. Carefully evaluate features and user reviews before choosing the right one for your needs. Look for speed, format flexibility, playlist support and an intuitive interface.

Use downloaded YouTube videos responsibly within personal fair use limits for entertainment, learning and productivity. Avoid unauthorized distribution or commercial use. With the right tools, building up your special video collection from YouTube’s vast library for personal offline viewing is now easy and convenient.

FAQs about YouTube Video Downloaders

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

It is generally legal for personal non-commercial use under fair use policies. However, redistribution of downloaded videos without rights can violate copyright.

What are the risks of using YouTube video downloaders?

Unsafe software with malware risks, copyright violations from misuse, and use of shady platforms should be avoided. Stick to reputed tools.

What are the best practices when using YouTube video downloaders?

Use only for personal offline viewing within fair use, avoid redistribution, use reputed software, credit creators, and delete videos you no longer need.

Should I prefer desktop or online YouTube video downloader?

Desktop tools offer more customization options and tend to be faster. Online tools require no installation but may be limited. Choose as per your needs.

How do I download a full YouTube playlist?

Look for downloaders that allow inputting entire playlist URLs for download or have a recursive download/batch mode to grab all videos.

What are the best free YouTube video downloaders?

Some leading free options include Software XYZ, Web Tool ABC and Web Tool DEF that offer core downloading functionality reliably at zero cost.

How do YouTube video downloaders differ from YouTube to MP3 converters?

YouTube video downloaders enable downloading complete videos in that format. YouTube MP3 converters extract and save only the audio portion as MP3 files.

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