Green Your Space: A Guide to Buying Plants Online in India

If you are anything like us, you too, probably cannot resist the charm of lush greenery and its calming effect on you. But, let’s face it, going to a nursery and scouring for hours for the perfect plant is not always possible. With our hectic work schedules, our passion for gardening takes a backseat due to a lack of time and energy to do so. 

So, in this blog, we will tell you about a magic solution to this problem. You can now buy plants online in India, that too, at just a click of a button. So, that we have that figured out, let us understand how to go about the whole process.

Step 1: Choose Your Ideal Plant

Online plant shopping is a delightful adventure where you get to explore a large variety of plants, read about them, and then get to decide which one to bring home. Even if you are a newbie gardener, the experience is enthralling because of the diversity that exists on online platforms. One such platform is Urvann, one of the most reliable online plant nurseries.

Just remember, if you are new to the world of gardening, you might want to start slow with low-maintenance plants such as the Bamboo plant, Pothos, or the Snake plant, all hardy versatile plants. These plants are forgiving and can sustain a bit of neglect as well. 

But, for the seasoned gardener souls, they can jump right into the exotic and rare varieties of plants.

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Before you finalise your plants, read the product descriptions listed with the plants and understand their specific requirements. Product descriptions are a great way to learn about the plant and decide whether you will be able to provide the kind of care each one requires. 

Not all plants demand a lot of care. Some are low-maintenance, some require little more care and some need to be monitored daily.

Reading customer reviews is also a great way to make an informed decision on the quality and quantity of plants, packaging, and more. Reputable online plant nurseries such as Urvann provide free next-day delivery of fresh and healthy plants.

Step 3: Unboxing Your New Plant

When your plant finally arrives, it is like a Diwali gift for plant lovers! Carefully open your plant delivery and ensure they are in good condition. 

Give your new leafy pal time to acclimatise to the new environment. Plants also tend to come under stress when moved from one place to another. Report only after 3-4 days, place it in its designated spot, and water it according to the care instructions that you had earlier read about. You can also check for offers available on the websites. Urvann has the plants under 99 offer for newbie gardeners who want to start slow. 

Step 4: Share Your Plant Parenting Journey

Congratulations! Now that you are a plant parent, make sure to share your journey with fellow enthusiasts and new gardeners too. With the constant evolution in technology, we need to inspire and motivate so that we can all be in touch with our roots, and nature. Join plant communities and talk about plants and their benefits, spread the green revolution so that together we give back to nature. 

Many vibrant plant communities exist online, where you can share your tips, tricks, and lessons from the garden. 

Final Words

So, there you go – a detailed guide to buying plants in India. The time is just right to introduce plants and greenery into our lives with the concrete jungles increasing around us. Just remember to make an informed decision about your plants, and start your journey today. 

Happy Planting!


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