How Do I Cancel My Amazon Seller Account?

If you are an Amazon seller who wants to stop selling on the platform, you might be wondering how to close Amazon seller account. In this post, we will explain when you should cancel your account, what issues may arise if you do so, and how to close your account step by step. We will also introduce you to Amazoker, a professional Amazon appeal service that can help you with any problems that may occur during or after the cancellation process.

When should you cancel your Amazon seller account?

When Amazon sellers close their seller account if they have a need.

You may want to cancel your Amazon seller account for various reasons, such as:

  • Change in Business Direction: If you’re moving away from e-commerce or have shifted your focus to a different platform, closing your Amazon Seller account can be a prudent decision. This frees up your resources for other ventures.
  • Low Sales and High Fees: If you find that the costs associated with maintaining your seller account outweigh the sales and profits, it might be time to cut ties with Amazon.
  • Unmanageable Competition: The fierce competition on Amazon can make it challenging to maintain a successful business. If you’re struggling to keep up with competitors and not seeing substantial returns, canceling your account may be a wise choice.
  • Compliance Issues: Failure to comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines can lead to warnings and account suspension. If you continually face issues in maintaining compliance, you might consider closing your account to avoid further problems.
  • Life Changes: Sometimes, personal circumstances may necessitate account closure. If you’re dealing with health issues, moving, or other life changes that prevent you from managing your Amazon business effectively, closing your account can alleviate unnecessary stress.
  • Legal Reasons: In some cases, legal issues might require you to cancel your Amazon Seller account. It’s essential to consult with legal counsel if you find yourself in such a situation.

What issues may arise if you delete your Amazon seller account?

Closing your Amazon Seller account isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. There are several potential issues you should be aware of before initiating the process:

  • Unshipped Orders: If you have pending orders that haven’t been shipped, you must fulfill them before closing your account. Failing to do so can result in customer complaints and a negative impact on your seller reputation.
  • Amazon Fees: Make sure all your outstanding fees, such as referral fees and subscription fees, are settled. Amazon will not allow you to close your account if you have any unpaid dues.
  • Return and Refund Process: You need to have a plan in place for handling returns and refunds for products sold. Amazon expects you to continue assisting customers even after your account is closed.
  • Account Balance: Ensure you’ve withdrawn any remaining funds from your Amazon account. You won’t be able to access this money once your account is closed.
  • Feedback and Reviews: You will lose access to your seller account’s feedback and reviews after closing it. Make sure you’ve saved any essential information you want to retain.
  • Account History: Your seller account history, including performance metrics and sales data, will be inaccessible once you cancel your account. This information can be valuable for future business planning

How to close your Amazon seller account?

Steps to close your Amazon account and the nevigation to Amazoker if any problem occurs.

To answer the question how to close your Amazon seller account? you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in: Sign into your Amazon Seller Account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Account Info: Go to the “Settings” section in Seller Central and select “Account Info.”
  3. Close Account: Under the “Account Information” section, click on “Close Account.”
  4. Read the Information: Amazon will provide you with information about what closing your account entails. Review this carefully to understand the consequences.
  5. Request Closure: To proceed, click on “Request Closure.” Amazon may prompt you to answer additional questions or provide documentation.
  6. Complete any Pending Actions: Ensure all outstanding orders, refunds, and disputes are resolved before proceeding with closure.
  7. Confirm Closure: Amazon will ask you to confirm your decision to close the account. Once confirmed, your account will be closed. Note that you may still have access to certain information for a limited time.

While closing your Amazon Seller account may seem straightforward, unexpected issues can arise. If you encounter challenges, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from experts. This is where Amazoker’s Amazon Appeal service can come to your rescue.

Amazoker is a reputable service provider that specializes in helping Amazon sellers navigate complex situations, including account closures, suspensions, and appeals. Their team of experts understands Amazon’s policies and guidelines inside and out, making them well-equipped to assist you with any problems you encounter during the closure process.

Whether you’re facing issues with unfulfilled orders, outstanding fees, or disputes with Amazon, Amazoker’s Amazon Appeal service can help you find a solution. Their professional guidance can save you time, money, and the stress of handling these issues on your own.


 Closing your Amazon Seller account is a decision that should be made carefully, considering your business goals and circumstances. Be aware of the potential challenges and prerequisites involved in the process. If you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t hesitate to turn to experts like Amazoker for assistance. With the right guidance, you can smoothly close your Amazon Seller account and transition to your next business endeavor.

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