How to Choose the Right Thickness of Your Girl Wetsuit?

The safety and comfort of your child during water activities are important. When selecting the right top for your little girl, consider the thickness. It is essential to keep her warm, safe, and enjoy her water activities. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best thickness for a girls wetsuit top.

Understanding Wetsuit Size

Wetsuit can be purchased in various thicknesses. These are measured in millimetres. The thickness is important for determining the thermal insulation of a top wetsuit and how it will perform in different water temperatures. Understanding the thickness of these wetsuits is crucial to ensure your children’s safety and comfort in water.

Thickness Is a Factor to Consider For Your Girl’s Top Wetsuit

You now know the various thickness options. Let’s examine the factors that should be considered before selecting the right top thickness for girls:

  1. Water Temperature: Consider the temperature of water in which your child will swim. A 1mm-2mm top will suffice if she is swimming in tropical waters. For cooler temperatures in temperate climates a top with a thickness of 3mm-4mm would be appropriate. To keep warm in cold-water conditions choose a wetsuit top between 5mm-6mm.
  2. Activity Type: Depending on the type of activity that will be undertaken by your child, you may also want to consider thickness. If she is mainly doing snorkeling, it may be best to use a top that’s thinner. If you are doing active watersports like surfing or paddling, she can benefit from a thicker, warmer wetsuit.
  3. Consideration for the Season: When choosing a wetsuit top, consider the season during which your child’s wetsuit will be used. For cooler seasons, you should choose thicker tops. Lighter tops would be best suited for warmer conditions. You can also layer. If it is cooler, you can layer a 2mm suit top and rash guard under for extra warmth.
  4. Comfortable Mobility: This is another crucial factor. While thicker wetsuits can provide warmth, they also may limit your girl’s ability to move. Select a wetsuit top that will allow her to move easily and perform all the water sports she loves.
  5. The Growth Spurt: If you child is still growing then it might be worth choosing a slightly more spacious wetsuit. This can help to prolong the life and prevent you from buying a brand new top if there is a sudden growth spurt.
  6. Brands and Quality: Wetsuit quality also matters. Reputable companies often provide greater durability and better insulation. If you invest in a quality wetsuit top, it will be more durable and provide better protection.


In order to keep your girl safe and comfortable during water activities, it is vital that you choose the correct thickness of wetsuit. In order to make the right choice, you should take into consideration factors such as the temperature of water, type of activity, season, flexibility, and quality. Take these factors into consideration to provide your child with the best wetsuit top for her. It will keep them warm, safe and ready for endless adventures. Now that you’re ready, watch as she dives in with confidence and excitement, knowing that your girl is well-prepared.

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