The Most Versatile Tool for Extracting Text From Images

Images are readily converted to text using image-to-text converters. In the past, manual digitization was done which was not accurate and fast. This put software developers into the quest of making tools that can convert physical text to digital text without active transcription. These tools are known as image-to-text converters. 

Now we have many image-to-text converters online and it is hard to choose the one that fulfills all of our transcription needs. However, after deep search and testing, we are introducing the most versatile image-to-text converter i.e. 

Let’s learn more about this tool below!

What is is a versatile image-to-text converter that is employed to extract text from image/s. It uses advanced AI OCR models to scan the images and copy text from image/s in just a few seconds. It is a swift gadget that works at a super-human speed and extracts text with great accuracy. The exact words in the images are copied and converted to digital text. 

Features of is a top-notch picture-to-text converter with versatile features that make it the best tool on the internet. The features of this exquisite picture-to-text converter are provided below:

  1. Multiple Language Extraction:

This photo-to-text converter online possesses various OCR models that help copy text from image/s in different languages. Having the ability to extract text in native languages makes this tool super handy for users who want to copy text from image/s in their regional language. 

  1. Batch Processing:

This photo-to-text converter online can work on multiple images at a time. It can copy text from 5 images at a time. The time taken to extract multiple images is the same as it takes for one image. 

image to text
  1. Scalability:

This image-to-text converter is a scalable tool meaning it has the ability to extract text from image/s of variable sizes i.e. both small (in KBs) and large (in MBs). The users are not bound to extract text from images of specific sizes. 

  1. Blurry Text Extraction:

This photo-to-text converter online is used to convert images to text with blurry or distorted appearance. This tool can convert images to text even the image that are hard to read. This feature makes this tool super professional in text extraction from images. 

  1. Handwritten Text Extraction:

This image-to-text converter is a great tool to convert handwritten text from images to digital text. Handwritten text is usually not extracted by OCR tools because they have different fonts and styles that are different from the digital style text. 

  1. Format Support:

This gadget accepts images in various formats and quickly extracts text from them in just a couple of seconds.

  1. Accuracy & Swiftness:

This tool is swift in professing, its processing time is a few seconds. The text extracted is accurate i.e. the similarity of physical text and digitized text is 100%. 

  1. Zero Cost:

This amazing image-to-text converter is available free of cost, no need to spend money to use it. 

  1. Availability: 

This photo-to-text converter online is a great tool that can be used anonymously without having to make an account on the website online. 

All these versatile qualities make the best tool out there. Aside from these qualities, it is super easy to use. Let’s discuss that in the next section.

How to Use for Extracting Text from Images? is an exquisite tool with smart text extraction ability from the images. It is pretty simple to use and extract text in just a few minutes. Consider the following 5 steps:

  1. Physical Text To Pictures:

Physical text like documents, books, papers, etc. must be converted to pictures because this tool converts images to text. It can be done by taking pictures of the document on your smartphone and saving pictures on the laptop or computer. 

  1. Visit the Website:

After taking pictures, open the online to convert images to text. 

image to text converter
  1. Upload the Images:

Upload the images on the tool by one of the three input options:

  • CTRL+V – copy the image and paste it into the tool
  • Browse – browse and select images from the computer. 
  • Drag and Drop – drag the image using your mouse and drop it on the tool.

5 images can be uploaded at a time. 

image to text extractor
  1. Extract the Text:

To extract the text from the images, click on the “Get Text” button and wait for a few seconds (less than a minute, it is super fast). 

  1. Save the Digital Text:

The text from each image will appear in a different box, copy the text and paste it into the desired location. 

ocr image to text

Isn’t it simple and quick? Even if you are not a tech expert, you can still use it with perfection. 

Applications of

Now that we have discussed its features and working, it is plausible to look for some of its applications to help you understand how useful it is. 

  1. Hospitals:

Hospitals are places with a whole lot of physical documents (prescriptions, medical reports, medical history, bills, etc.). This physical information can be quickly digitized using

  1. Law Firms:

In law firms, it can be used to digitize and save useful documents that lawyers encounter day to day. 

  1. Offices:

In offices, much information is in a physical format which must be digitized and stored into the database and this tool can quickly serve the purpose. 

  1. Schools:

Both students and professors can use this tool to digitize the physical information to make notes, assignments, and lectures. 

  1. Journalists:

Journalists also have to digitize much useful information for storage purposes which is mostly in physical format, this tool can come in handy for textual digitization. 

Aside from these, this tool can be used by editors, marketing teams, researchers, clerks, etc. to digitize text. 

Final Word:

In short, is the most versatile image-to-text converter on the internet. It provides variable features online for free which makes it the best OCR tool on the internet. 

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