Protective Packaging: A Tailored Solution for Secure Transit


In the realm of business, the phrase “Protective Packaging” stands as a testament to the importance of safeguarding goods during transit. This article delves into the realm of bespoke protective packaging solutions, emphasizing the significance of a comprehensive approach to ensure the secure delivery of products. From the initial design stage to the final delivery, Protective Packaging plays a pivotal role in minimizing risks and ensuring the integrity of goods.

The Complete Solution

At the core of Protective Packaging is the concept of a complete solution. The approach aims to streamline the development time by offering a designed protective packaging solution that includes cartons and fitments. This not only reduces the time taken but also provides a cohesive packaging system where cartons, boxes, and fitments work seamlessly together.

Simplifying Processes

The complete package – encompassing cartons, boxes, and fitments – simplifies sourcing, purchasing, and stock control. The integrated approach ensures that every aspect of the protective packaging process is consolidated, reducing complexities for businesses.

Protective Packaging Options

Advanced Protective Packaging offers a diverse range of protective packaging options, each tailored to specific needs. Let’s explore some of the key options:

Boxes and Cartons

Advanced provides a comprehensive range of corrugated products in all FEFCO styles. These are complemented by a bespoke range of internal fitments, available in plain or printed forms.


Nomafoam emerges as a resilient foam with wide-ranging applications. Available in various shapes, styles, and densities, Nomafoam is customizable to unique requirements, ensuring effective protection for a variety of products.


Widely used in both presentation and protective packaging, Plastazote from the Zote range offers excellent protection, an attractive finish, and is available in a myriad of colors.

Foam Packaging

Polyethylene Foam packaging, a key player in protective solutions, provides reliable protection against repeated knocks. Available in white, black, and pink antistatic variants, this foam ensures the safe arrival of goods to customers.


Polystyrene, being the least expensive and lightest of materials used for packaging, finds its place in scenarios requiring high-volume packaging to withstand simple knocks.


Polyurethane, an ideal choice for lightweight products, offers flexible and resilient protection. It is available in various forms, including convoluted or “egg box” configurations, providing versatile protective solutions.

About Advanced Protective Packaging

Established in 1986, Advanced Protective Packaging takes pride in being a family-run business. Initially focused on polystyrene packaging, the company has evolved over the years in response to customer needs, expanding its expertise to include various materials such as foams and cartons.

Strategic Acquisition

In 1999, Advanced Protective Packaging acquired PK Sanders, a company based in Southend. This strategic move allowed the company to offer an even wider range of protective solutions. The Southend branch brought on board an experienced team, many of whom continue to contribute to the company’s success.

Continued Development

The business has continued to develop and now boasts an extensive range of products, including Nomafoam, Zotefoam, and extruded polystyrene, not to mention cartons. Advanced is proud to offer the complete Protective Packaging Solution, catering to diverse needs.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The continued success of Advanced Protective Packaging is attributed to its unwavering commitment to providing the best protective packaging solutions. The company prides itself on exceeding customer expectations of service and constantly evolving to work uniquely with customers’ specific requirements.


In conclusion, Protective Packaging is not merely a necessity but a strategic approach to ensuring the safe and secure transit of goods. The term encapsulates a complete solution that encompasses every aspect of the packaging process, from design to delivery. Advanced Protective Packaging, with its rich history and commitment to excellence, stands as a reliable partner in providing bespoke protective packaging solutions. Businesses can trust in the expertise of Advanced to deliver the right packaging tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring the safe and secure journey of their products.

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