Purva Zenium Review

Devanahalli was the only place I wanted my home to be, and when I started looking for properties online, I came across Purva Zenium, a beautiful space in the city of tech.  Devanahalli is where I wanted my new home to be. 

Proximity to my office. I wanted a place near my new home, and when I came across this property, I was happy because having your home near the office will eventually help me save time and work on my side. The day when I moved to Bangalore, I wanted to buy a place, but not having enough money resulted in renting an apartment   

Bangalore is where it all started, and being here for years now, it was time to get myself a new home where I could stay and have my own space. A project like this was something I’d never seen before, and investing my money here was a meaningful deal for me. 

A space where I’ll have my own house and furniture is something I have been working towards for years, and now that I’ve come across Purva Zenium, I wanted to design this place beautifully to make sure that I enjoy my time here. 

Bangalore is a city of tech, and being a software engineer myself, I love my job, but working on my side hustle is also essential, so to save my time here, I choose this place. The surroundings were pretty cool, and when I saw the layout, I was happy that I got the home I was looking for; this will help me become more productive in my side hustle, and I can also save time for myself.  

To make the most out of this place, I’m going to design the interior and also utilize the space that has been offered. From the very start, when I began living alone, I loved creating rooms and keeping things organized.  

What Convinced Me To Get A Room Here? 

I’m a little bit picky, so getting this home was not part of the plan from the start cause I had different options, but when I looked at the amenities and surroundings, I was convinced that this could be a suitable investment to make. Getting a room isn’t an easy task. There are multiple elements that you need to figure out and get done to book a place.  The place is being constructed, and I suggested some changes from my end to make the best out of my space.  

Another reason I was investing in this place was the Great Connectivity To the International Airport and getting Intelligent Google Virtual Homes. By investing in this home, I was saying yes to a luxurious life, and there were more than 50+ modern  Amenities available at this place. Also, the project was undertaken by a Trustworthy Grade A Builder, so there’s no doubt this has to be the suitable investment for me. 

As I was investing ₹1.25 Crores – ₹1.85 Crores here, I planned to convert this place into an office when I scale my side business into a big one. The best part about the site was the space I was getting. A 2BHK home for me and my future employees was something I was planning with this home, and as I’m seeing growth in my business, it was the right time to book this place and get myself shifted here. This place in Devanahalli caught my attention, and with this luxurious space, I can live peacefully and enjoy my time. 

Amenities At Purva Zenium That I Loved 

Amenities were something I didn’t want to compromise with but guess what? This place had everything I was thinking about, and there was no room to complain. 

Starting we have a swimming pool here where I can have my time swimming. The place also has a Children’s play area where kids can enjoy and have their own time. For significant events and activities, there’s an amphitheater where different performances can be done. 

For security reasons, there’s a CCTV camera, and to use the resources right, there’s a Rainwater harvesting system. I love playing games, and for that very reason, we have a Basketball court and Tennis court here where I can enjoy playing basketball and tennis with my friends. As a fitness enthusiast, I wanted a gym, and we have a big gym here. I don’t believe in Vastu Shastra, but still, this place was Vastu compliant. 

Lift is available here, accessible to all the rooms in the buildings. There’s a Visitor parking where I can freely park my car. To avoid uncertainty, there’s Fire safety and a Sewage treatment plant for proper waste management. Having a Common garden is pretty crucial, and at this place, we have a common garden where I can go for my morning and evening strolls. 

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