Sewing machine problems and remedies


Whether you are beginners and experienced sewer, you can face to common sewing machine problems during the completing your sewing projects. Therefore, you need to learn the common problems of sewing machine and remedies so that you should be able to point out these problemsand solve their problems. Furthermore, you can save your time and quickly complete your sewing task. We explore in this session how to rectify these common problems in sewing machine.We discussed in detail another article about the best sewing machines; you must read it.

Sewing machine problems and remedies include following elements

There are many common problems of sewing machine. We will discuss one by one and discuss their remedies. Let’s explore its.

1.    Problems of Needle

Unthread due to needle

You should check whether the thread of the needle before starting the sewing needle has been pulled or not. Furthermore, maybe the thread is not present on the top of the machine

Break thread due to needle

You should use correct presser foot. Moreover, May be your machine presser foot and throat plate loose or improperly, you should check it.Although your sewing machine needle may be bent and hit the throat plate and presser foot. Also you should check the needle that is insert  correctly. Thus, your sewing needle is fine for fabric to start sew and getting to best performance, check it. You must check the machine settings.

2.    Stitches problems

Uneven Stitches Lengths

You should not pull or push the fabric too much. Furthermore, you should pressure on presser foot according to the heavy or light fabric.

Loops adjustment problems

Next, you can check the loops. If your machine loops are large, they are not properly threaded. Also, if loops are small, maybe the tension is unbalanced. So, it is possible that there may not be too much pressure to grip the fabric during the stitching.

Skipping stitch

Your sewing machine needle may be dull and bent. Thus, it is also possible that the needle was inserted backward and is not properly screwed into the clamp.

However, another problem is that there may not be enough pressure on the presser foot. Further, the throat plate was fitted incorrectly. Next, your sewing machine’s stitching speed may be uneven.

At that time, when you are stitching, you may be pulling the fabric too hard.

3.    Thread

Thread breaks due to improper insert thread into needle

The most common mistake is that the thread is inserted backward of the needle. Due to this mistake, the thread breaks. So, if there is a rough thread that can break.

Thread breaks due to Bobbin

Sometimes the bobbin case may not be inserted or threaded properly. Furthermore, the bobbin case was too full. Also, the bobbin may be dirty or clogged. Hence, bobbin tension might be very tight.

4.    Fabric

Layers of fabrics unevenly

Moreover, presser foot pressure may be incorrect. Although you should stitch slowly, the fabric might be very lightweight, like tissue.

Straight line

The next notable thing is that the presser foot might be bent and loose. Hence, presser foot pressure might be improper. There may be a sewing machine needle that is bent. So you might be pulling or pushing the fabric too hard.

Puckers when stitching due to fabrics type

When you are stitching fabric in a single layer, the fabric may pucker when stitched. So you should make sure your stitch length according to the fabrics type.

Thus, you must check the tension of presser foot according to the fabrics type like light weight fabric. 

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