Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Corporate Gifts

Selecting corporate gifts may just seem like routine holiday tradition, but gifting employees should receive much more thoughtful consideration. Companies that take the time to choose meaningful, enjoyable gifts reap benefits like higher engagement, loyalty, morale and retention. But it’s easy to get tripped up picking generic or inappropriate options when overworked or uninspired. Avoid missteps and WOW your personnel this season by keeping these 10 tips top of mind for finding corporate gifts that truly resonate. With some guided forethought about practicality, personalization and inclusion, you’re sure to spread cheer across the entire staff with gifts received even more merrier than you imagine.

  1. Consider Your Budget

The first thing to ponder is what you reasonably have the capacity to spend when selecting corporate gifts. You want presents employees will appreciate while staying aligned with company means. For sizable groups, steer towards modestly priced offerings – focus on functionality rather than flashy costliness. Set limits and select options feasible to acquire for the whole recipient list rather than just a few. Thoughtfully consider employees’ actual needs first before gravitating towards lavish extras. Useful staples welcomed by all make smarter picks compared to stretched budgets missing the practicality mark.

  1. Choose Universal Appeal 

When choosing gifts, envision what would brighten any employee’s day regardless of individual personality or lifestyle. Rather than niche presents targeting a small subgroup, stick to versatile crowd pleasers the entire staff can utilize. Safe bets to consider include practical office supplies like stylish pens and notebooks to spark productivity. Tech tools like portable chargers foster reliability. Food treats provide a quick mood boost. Wellness accessories like cozy socks and ergonomic desk organizers promote health. Items frequently universally enjoyed will maximize gift rounds reaching the highest happiness returns across all employees.

  1. Seek Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes less is more when picking corporate gifts – a single higher-end present conveys more genuine care than a bag of token trinkets. Consider artistry and construction in potential choices – how well-crafted or enduring is an item? Quality matters tremendously in gifting. Rather than numerous pieces headed for the junk drawer, discover gifts recipients will admire and actively utilize for the long haul. Spend smartly on signature products engineered to last through daily use with sturdy materials, not flimsily made just for quick disposal afterwards. An appreciated gift’s longtime value stems from its reliable craftsmanship.

  1. Consider Practicality 

When evaluating a potential corporate gift, scrutinize its practical application. Will the item actively contribute value enhancing employees’ everyday tasks, workflows and wellbeing? Or will it merely occupy space gathering dust without purpose? Consider if a gift efficiently boosts productivity such as through optimized organization, accessible snacking for energy or portable power banks for uninterrupted mobile work. Seek presents that pull their weight addressing real-world needs rather than whimsical knickknacks bringing more clutter than cheer. Choose right-sized useful solutions like back-supporting ergonomic cushions or blue light glasses easing device eyestrain.

  1. Choose Customization

Personalizing gifts with employee names powerfully communicates each individual matters. Monogramming and other custom styling elevates a basic item into a VIP keepsake conveying sincere care from leadership. Imagine the joy of unwrapping a lush robe with embroiled initials or a electronics pouch featuring their nickname. Or sneak a peek at hobbies and customize accordingly – embroider a yoga mat for the office fitness buff or engrave a citation ruler for the resident neat nick. Driving home “you are unique and valued here” resonates profoundly. Custom additions imprint that employees themselves hold special meaning, not just the gift item packaging they open.

  1. Feature the Company Brand  

Company-branded freebies undoubtedly grow tiresome fast, yet subtly incorporating signature logos once shows organizational appreciation. Though gifts shouldn’t serve overt marketing purposes, a complimentary notebook or mug printed with team colors tastefully reminds recipients they belong to an esteemed brand. A tech accessory case featuring an emblem fits company gear while proclaiming their professional home. Brand alignment needn’t dominate the full gift yet a modest detail sends an understated message of goodwill. Employees interpret branded wares not as self-promotion but bonding tokens stirring collegial unity with leadership.

  1. Don’t Forget Lifestyle Needs

Gifting goes beyond basic work necessities to nurture employees’ complete selves. Consider personal passions and community commitments that matter most. Maybe they parent busy toddlers and could use child development books. Or they dedicate weekends to beach cleanups and would welcome reusable water bottles. If an employee trains for marathons, compression socks supports their dedication. Even small lifestyle supports touching aspects beyond the office role lifts morale and motivates purpose. Thoughtful gestures recognizing all the hats staff members wear, not just their business titles, helps unify professional and personal worlds into fuller, more empowered lives.


Gifting experiences via the zappy box encompass a range of emotions, and staff opening the packages you give may experience lighthearted joy or deep touch. Thus when approaching corporate gifting season, proceed with care. Don’t gift-give like a chore but show the unique individuals supporting your company how much you value them. Consider who they are and their personal needs when selecting a small token of appreciation for all they contribute – even simple gifts become precious when infused with thoughtfulness. 

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