Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world. This precious stone is carefully carved and cut into different sizes and shapes in order to make it look attractive and beautiful.

There are different sizes of this beautiful stone which can be used in many jewellery pieces but the most popular jewellery piece in which this precious stone is used is a ring.

A ring is a most valuable piece of jewellery which a women desires to want and have as a symbol of luxury item. In fact, the most precious rings are the one which has a diamond on it.


Diamond is a beautiful stone which is shiny and sparkles with just a ray of light. As this piece of stone goes through many processes and is given a beautiful cut in order to fit in a piece of jewellery, this stone looks much better and prominent in a ring.

There are many forms of diamond which includes different cut works and the size of the stone. Diamond looks perfect even in the smallest form. Diamond size starts from 0.25 carat, which is the smallest size of the stone, and it exceeds till a huge number.

However, people who like big stone on the ring and can afford to carry it usually wear a bigger and heavy carat diamond. In fact, the best size for the stone to wear is 3 carat.

This size is the perfect size for any women to wear. It is easy to carry and it does not look big which gives the impression of a fake stone.


A piece of jewellery given as a gift is a symbol of love. A ring is one of the many pieces of jewellery which is given to the loved one, a token of appreciation or to show your love towards the other person.

In fact, people in majority prefer to give or buy diamond rings on special occasions, especially for their engagement or for their wedding.

A three-carat engagement ring symbolizes the dedication towards your partner. The timeless appearance and the classic look of the stone, this makes the occasion even more special.

Just one stone of a diamond can make the ring appear appealing and worth buying. As there is a saying by Marilyn Monroe:

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Diamonds symbolizes love, class, wealth, purity and is one of the most precious possessions in a girl’s life. One diamond ring can enhance the beauty of the hand. Not only this, a perfect cut of this stone can make a women feel classy and loved especially if it is given by someone special.


A simple three- carat diamond ring is enough to wear but not only this, this stone looks even more spectacular when it is cut into different shapes.

After going through a lot of processes, this stone is cut and carved by the experts who makes this piece of stone appear pretty and attractive.

However, there are many different cuts of a diamond in which the ring can be carved.

o   Round

o   Oval

o   Princess

o   Emerald

o   Cushion

o   Heart

o   Marquise

o   Asscher

o   Pear

o   Trapeze

o   Baguette

o   Radiant

These special cuts are referred as ‘fancy shapes’. However, the most difficult of these shapes is the round cut shape as it is the most in demand and has the most facets of any shape which requires more precision work and the cutters have to discard most of the rough diamond.

Not only this, this round shape is the expensive shape out of all the other shapes due to the hard work and expert cutting techniques of this shape.

Oval, marquise and pear are the hardest cut of diamond due to the ‘bow-tie effect’. With this cut, it helps the visible area to suck the light into the center of the stone.

Overall, the most expensive, glisten and in demand diamond is the round cut of a diamond which is carved in such a way that the light passes through the stone, creates a perfect sparkle.


The more heavy stone, the more hefty will be the price. In fact, the more heavy stone, it loses its natural attraction.

The best form of the stone is the ring. It is much more visible and looks attractive and appealing when the light shines on it directly from anywhere.

However, the best size is 3 carat diamond ring price UK of a good quality ring starts from £9,000. In addition, the rate of the diamond fluctuates so the price may vary according to the rate.

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