Top 5 Beginner-friendly Call Break Apps to Kickstart Your Gaming Journey

What makes your brain tickle and feel the thrill? How can you use your pastime to generate a passive income? Well, you can answer these questions with the same reply. Don’t believe it? Let us explain. You can start playing card games online on popular apps as a pastime. Use the same platforms to participate in daily contests and big competitions as another income source. Yes! There are excellent apps where you can connect with players like you to pose a challenge and play card games. One such popular card game is Call Break. It is simple to play and develop winning skills. Let us learn what this classic card game is about, and then look for the best apps.

Call Break: A Game of Tricks

Call Break is ragingly popular in Asian countries. This card game is centuries old and has witnessed a lot of transformations. You will discover new variants played in different communities. The basic rules are simple. This game involves four players. A dealer deals 13 cards to all the players in the beginning. Considering his card strength, every player has to claim a set of tricks he can manage. As the game begins, a player will start putting one card in his turn and try to pick the tricks as claimed. Players also initially select a trump suit and use these cards to win tricks. As the game progresses, players try to achieve several tricks. The highest scorer wins the game after all the rounds are played.

Top 5 Call Break Apps for Beginners

Now that we know how this card game is played, let us find out the five best beginner-friendly apps.

  1. MPL Call Break

Mobile Premier League, also known as MPL, is one of the popular Call Break earning apps where you will discover multiple card games to play. All you have to do is create an account. Once done, you can participate in Call Break tables. Players from all over the world participate in such games all the time. MPL offers three variants of this classic card game. 

  • Trump Call Break

This variant involves four players. Each player gets ten cards, unlike the classic version of Call Break. The traditional rules dictate that a player will select a trump suit and call several tricks he can manage. The other players will do the same and try to achieve their respective calls. In the end, the highest scorer wins the game.

  • Call Break Fantasy

This fantasy variant allows you to create multiple teams and participate in different tables. Check your score on the leaderboard and get a chance to win big prizes at the end of a season.

  • Call Break Tournament

In this variant, only professional players participate by paying the registration fee. This variant conducts multiplayer games, too. You will find daily contests in this section with large pool prizes.

  1. Cardbaazi Call Break

Cardbaazi Call Break is all about winning tricks against the opponents to lead a scoreboard. This app conducts daily contests and seasonal tournaments where you can win big cash prizes. So, what is different in this Call Break app? This app features exclusive tables where you can play by putting a wager. You can also try your hand at playing against online players for free. This app has a simple interface with straightforward functions to deal cards, play them, and score tricks. All you have to do is to register as a player and link your bank account. Worry not, as this app has a safe interface for deposits and withdrawals of winnings. Learn the tricks from the tutorial videos on its website and play Call Break like a pro.

  1. Winzo Call Break

Winzo is another popular name in this casual gaming section. Its app caters to classic card games, including Call Break. The gameplay follows the conventional rules where you get cards and claim a set of tricks. Focus on collecting the tricks by using trump cards and tactics. First, create an account and connect it with your bank account. Follow the simple guide mentioned on its website to understand the basic rules and gameplay. After being familiar with the gameplay, practice playing Call Break on free tables. Use the bonuses to sharpen your skills. This app is ideal for newbie players. It also matches your skill level with players and conducts fair matches.

  1. Big Cash Call Break

Big Cash Call Break is perfect for beginners to play this classic card game. It offers a secure platform to learn to play this game for free. It also brings players from all over the world to conduct daily contests. You will get a joining bonus when you register as a serious player. Use these bonuses to compete on stake tables and win. It offers simple steps to deposit tournament entry fees and withdraw winnings instantly. Worry not, as your personal information will remain safe. Get a fair chance to compete against players of your level and win cash prizes daily.

  1. Batball11 Call Break

Batball11 Call Break offers a simple platform to learn how to play this card game. Its tutorial videos and explanation of game rules will help you make winning strategies easily. The user interface has exciting graphics and sound effects. You will find the controls for dealing cards, calling several tricks, and playing cards very convenient. Understand the scoring system of Call Break on this app and practice. Develop your skills and participate in daily contests. This app offers large pots for daily competitions. Players can enter a contest after paying an entry fee. Winners are decided based on the scores on a leaderboard. The cash prizes are transferred to respective accounts instantly. You can securely create an account, link your bank account, and withdraw winnings in simple steps.


Learn to play Call Break in one of these top gaming apps on your mobile. Make sure you understand the game rules first. Practice playing this card game on free tables first. Once you have developed winning skills, participate in the big tournaments and daily contests. Compete with players from all over the world and score by winning matches. Lead the scoreboard to win a contest and withdraw your winnings from your account.

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