What is the oldest perfume company?

Perfumes have been around for centuries, and their scents have had the power to change moods and evoke memories. It is no surprise that the perfume industry has thrived for so long. Perfume industries are giving birth to several legendary brands. At the same time, everyone has a favorite perfume brand. And have you ever wondered which company is the oldest? This blog post will take a trip down memory lane to unveil the oldest perfume company.

Popular among various cultures

Perfumes have been popular among various cultures, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks. The first recorded perfume dates back to Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium BC. Over time, perfume manufacturing has become a big industry, with some of the most notable brands originating from Europe.


The oldest perfume company still in operation is Farina gegenüber, which translates to Farina Opposite. And founded by Giovanni Maria Farina in 1709 in Cologne, Germany. The company has gained recognition for crafting fine fragrances for men, women, and even the royal courts of Europe. Farina gegenüber gained significant recognition during the French monarch Louis XV’s reign. The company has gone through various name changes and ownership transfers. But has managed to remain operational for over three centuries.

Crafted perfumes

Guerlain contends with Farina Gegenüber in France, as Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain established it in 1828. The Guerlain perfume house is a luxurious and elegant brand. That designs its fragrance to depict the opulence of the French Empire. The company has crafted perfumes for the likes of Napoleon III and Queen Victoria. And has since maintained a reputation as a pioneer in the perfume industry.

Notable mention

James Henry Creed established Creed, a British perfume brand, in 1760, making it another notable mention. The company initially supplied fragrances to King George III and the royal family. Creed perfumes are hand-made using an infusion technique. The brand creates exclusive scents using rare ingredients.

Entrepreneurs designed the brands.

Moving to Italy, we have Acqua di Parma, established in 1916 in Parma, Italy. The founding entrepreneurs designed the brand for the colonial elites who traveled to Italy. And demanded a premium fragrance to match their luxury lifestyle. Over the years, Acqua di Parma has expanded its range to include home fragrances, body care. And leather accessories, but the fragrances remain the company’s backbone.

Exploring the Distinctive Fragrances of Creed over Time

While these brands are some of the oldest in the perfume industry, we must remember to mention Creed. Founded by James Henry Creed in 1760, Creed is one of the oldest luxury perfume houses. Creed has had an illustrious history of crafting more than two hundred distinctive fragrances. Some of the famous iconic scents are Green Irish Tweed to Aventus and Millesimal Imperial. Creed continues to produce some of the finest perfumes known to humankind. 

The Legacy Lives On

  • From Farina Gegenüber to Acqua di Parma, these oldest perfume companies have shaped the fragrance industry with their scents and innovation. 
  • Even after centuries, they remain in operation, carrying forward their legacy as pioneers in the perfume industry. 
  • With their expertise and craftsmanship, these companies have managed to stay relevant even in today’s world. And producing some of the best fragrances available to consumers. 
  • It is safe to say that perfumes are here to stay, and we can expect more scent and stories offerings. From these oldest perfume companies as time goes by.

Where to Find Products from Creed Today

Today, Creed products are available for sale across the world in prestigious outlets and stores. The brand also produces a range of men’s and women’s scents and stories fragrances. Home fragrances, body care products, and even leather accessories. Creed has the best choice when looking for something luxurious to mark special occasions. So why not find the perfect scent today? With Creed, you can experience the timelessness of luxury. The world’s oldest perfume company has something special for you. 

Tips for Choosing a Perfume from Creed

  • When choosing a perfume from Creed, there are some things to remember.
  • Firstly, you should select a fragrance based on how it smells on your skin, as different bodies react differently to the same scent. 
  • Secondly, choosing a scent also depends on personal preferences and the occasion you wear the fragrance. 
  • Lastly, buying only from authorized Creed retailers is vital to guarantee the product. 
  • With that advice, you can start exploring the world of luxury scents and stories of perfumes with Creed. Bon voyage.


The perfume industry has seen a surge of brands grow in popularity as the world embraces various scents and fragrances. But, it is interesting that the oldest perfume company is still operational. And continuously producing fragrances that appeal to the changing generations. Whether you prefer a light scent or something more robust, there is a scent and stories brand for everyone. So, indulge in some fragrance therapy, knowing that some of these brands have stood the test of time.

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