What Makes Hair Combing an Important Haircare Routine

Taking care of your hair is much more than simply using products. Some of you may go a step further and spend money on hair treatments to deliver protein and nourishment to the hair. However, what many people tend to forget is that the first and basic step to maintaining healthy hair is by combing it regularly. Regular combing benefits both the hair and scalp, keeping it at bay from frizz, dryness and even infections in most cases.

Depending upon your hair type and texture, you should pick a hair comb to experience the best results. This is crucial to avoid a series of hair issues including hair breakage as well as accumulation of product residues and dead skin cells. Moreover, a hair comb works to also detangle stubborn knots and achieve the perfect hairstyle apart from keeping the hair and scalp healthy. And Vega, India’s No. 1 Hair Comb Brand*, has each hair comb type in different materials to suit your haircare needs best. Let’s delve into the different types of hair combs and what makes this a significant process:

Benefits of combing hair daily

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For you to understand the significance of hair combing a little better, apart from your daily hair detangling and styling needs, we have listed out the top benefits that your hair can experience with daily combing:

  • Helps eliminate impurities

Combing your hair every day assists your scalp in getting rid of impurities that start accumulating from hair styling products, hair oil and more. The residue left on the scalp are reason for the beginning of dandruff and other scalp infections which, therefore, are essential to be removed. Combing to remove these residues also makes shampooing your hair easy.

  • Stimulates the scalp

The gentle pressure you experience when combing with Vega hair combs featuring round teeth and ergonomic designs helps stimulate the scalp. This stimulation contributes to improving blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and a relaxing feeling.

  • Distributes natural oil

Combing your hair also helps in distributing the natural oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair. This helps retain moisture so that your hair isn’t dry and frizzy along with offering the lost nourishment from the oils.

  • Adds volume to hair naturally

Regularly combing the hair distributes oil across the hair length, keeping the scalp less flat and adding a natural volume to the hair. For those with fine hair, combing your hair with Vega Grooming Wooden Comb will do the trick even better.

Vega hair combs to suit all hair types, hair lengths and hair concerns

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Vega is a pioneer in at-home styling and grooming and we continue to deliver a contemporary approach to our customers’ head-to-toe grooming needs. Hence, you can find an exceptional range of hair combs among other products to suit every need. Here is a list of the major categories of hair combs along with their benefits to help you choose your comb better:

  • Regular combs

Available in multiple attractive colors and patterns, Vega regular combs are designed to suit everyone. They feature rounded tips so that they are not harsh on the scalp and make for the perfect hairstyling tool. These combs are available as grooming combs, shampoo combs, detangling combs, tail combs and coloring combs.

  • Wooden combs

A healthy way to comb your hair, Vega wooden combs are handcrafted carefully to enhance your hair grooming and styling game. They come with fine teeth that are coupled with rounded tips to give you a gentle massaging effect on your scalp. Wooden combs also stimulate natural oils in the hair cuticles helping create a natural volume and luster, with minimal to no hair breakage.

  • Aluminium combs

Another major category of hair combs available are Vega aluminium combs which are made from high-grade alloy aluminium. Known for their durability and lightweight, aluminium combs are perfect for rough and regular use at home as well as in the salon. The combs have the ability to resist friction and can be easily cleaned or sanitized in boiling water too.

Key Takeaway

To conclude, combing your hair every day will only offer a range of benefits to your hair and scalp. From delivering nourished results to experiencing a massaging effect in every stroke, combing your hair is the solution to achieving healthy and shiny locks. And Vega helps you attain the same with its wide array of hair combs, each tailored to assist the many hair types, lengths and styling preferences. Whether it is for detangling, styling or adding volume to your hair, choosing the right comb is crucial and perfect to amplify great hair quality.

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