Bamboo flooring: a natural and environmentally friendly choice

What is bamboo flooring? It is notable for its unique and loud name; this flooring is carefully selected from the tender and watery bamboo! Bamboo, as a kind of herbaceous plant, its rapid growth rate, far better than wood, can be called a model of sustainable development, the concept of environmental protection practitioners. In recent years, bamboo flooring is gradually favored by consumers, the market demand is growing. Therefore, now on the market a wide variety of bamboo flooring, rich style, colorful, you can choose. We believe that you can find a bamboo flooring that meets your needs and brings out the natural charm of your home environment!

The manufacturing process of bamboo flooring is explained in detail here:

First, we use high quality bamboo, after strict screening and processing, to ensure that each piece of bamboo flooring has excellent quality. Next, according to the customer’s needs and design requirements, the bamboo is cut into suitable specifications, and finely sanded and polished to make the surface smooth and delicate, and comfortable to the touch. Finally, according to different processes and materials, bamboo flooring is painted and decorated to give it a colorful appearance.

In terms of construction type, bamboo flooring is mainly divided into three categories: horizontal, vertical and strand woven bamboo. Among them, horizontal and vertical bamboo are made by bonding bamboo strips closely together in a horizontal or vertical direction, thus forming a unique texture pattern. Strand woven bamboo, on the other hand, is made by weaving and compressing bamboo fibers to create a tough and durable strand woven bamboo. This special manufacturing process makes strand woven bamboo flooring extremely strong and durable.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we also offer several types of bamboo flooring. For example, both solid and engineered bamboo can be floated on top of the matting or glued directly to the subfloor. The only bamboo parquet blocks and bamboo used for commercial purposes need to be fixed in place and cannot float.

When it comes to the type of planks, you can choose either planked bamboo flooring or parquet bamboo flooring. The former consists of single planks spliced together in longer lengths and in a variety of widths, while the latter is a small, uniformly sized floor that is easy to combine into various geometric shapes. In the case of engineered bamboo, the planks are available in widths up to 190 millimeters due to their greater stability.

In terms of floor finishes, we offer three different finishes, including matte lacquer, satin-matte lacquer and aged bamboo flooring. Matte Lacquer and Satin Matte Lacquer give the bamboo a different level of gloss or matte effect, revealing a distinctive visual aesthetic. The old bamboo flooring is purposely old bamboo treatment before painting, so that its surface presents a rustic and natural texture, as if traveling back to the ancient years.

In terms of color selection, with the popularity and popularity of bamboo flooring, there are numerous colors to choose from today. The standard colors of bamboo flooring are natural or carbonized. Natural bamboo has a golden yellow color, which is transformed into a deep coffee brown when carbonized and smoked. In addition, we offer a range of bamboo flooring in different colors such as chestnut brown, lime, pebble grey, rustic carbonized, etc. to meet your individual needs.

Overall, bamboo flooring offers many advantages such as:

– Wire-woven bamboo has superb durability and abrasion resistance for a long service life;

– As a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, bamboo is in line with modern people’s pursuit of green living;

– Compared to expensive solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring is affordable and cost-effective;

– Bamboo is easy to maintain, easy to clean and saves time and effort;

– Bamboo flooring is easy to install, just a few simple steps can be easily completed;

– Wide range of applications, suitable for almost every space in the home;

– Most types of bamboo flooring can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating to create a comfortable living environment;

– Whether floating or fixed to the subfloor, bamboo flooring adapts perfectly to all styles of decoration.

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