Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit: Allegations And Outcomes


A well-known surgeon linked with the Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit in San Diego is facing severe legal issues, including murder charges. In 2018, a patient who had surgery at Dr. Carlos Chacon’s Divino Plastic Surgery in Bonita, California, died unexpectedly.

Dr. Chacon is a plastic surgeon who practices in the San Diego region. He has been charged with second-degree murder. Additionally, Dr. Chacon is dealing with several other legal cases from patients who say he made mistakes during their surgeries. 

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Here are the key facts about Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuits.

Dr. Chacon Has Pleaded Not Guilty to Crime Charges

Dr. Chacon was accused of causing Megan Espinoza’s death in April 2023. Megan died a few days after having surgery to get breast implants. First, Dr. Chacon was charged with accidentally causing Megan’s death. But later, they changed the charge to second-degree murder. They found out Dr. Chacon didn’t call 911 for three hours after Megan had a heart attack. 

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He even treated other patients while Megan was in pain. Gina Darvas, a lawyer, said Dr Chacon stopped people from calling for help during the emergency. Gina Darvas said Dr. Chacon kept working and prevented others from calling 911. Megan didn’t get help for three hours. Prosecutors added the second-degree charge because they thought Dr Chacon didn’t care about Megan’s life.

Divino Plastic Surgery Nurse Charged

Heather Lang Vass, a nurse who helped Dr. Chacon during Megan Espinoza’s treatment, is also accused of Megan’s death. In May 2023, she was charged with accidentally causing someone’s death.

A report from the Medical Board of California (MBA) from 2022, mentioned by KGTV, said a nurse gave Megan anaesthesia instead of a licensed anesthesiologist. Megan’s heart stopped beating after the two-hour surgery. Instead of calling 911 immediately, Dr. Chacon talked to two anesthesiologists. One of them said, “Call 911 right away.”

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It was reported that Dr Chacon didn’t get help in the emergency for three hours, which was very sad. When Megan got to the hospital, doctors said she was brain dead. She passed away five days later.

Civil lawsuits have been filed against Divino Plastic Surgery.

Espinoza’s family took Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery to court for money. They agreed on a sum of money in December 2022, but the exact amount needed to be shared, according to KGTV.

Another person, Natassia Louis, also sued Dr. Chacon. She said he made a mistake during her surgery, leaving a hole in her stomach. Louis went to Divino Plastic Surgery for a butt lift, but Dr Chacon convinced her to have more surgeries, including a breast lift and using fat from her stomach for her butt. After her surgery on April 6, 2021, Louis got a hole in her stomach. Dr. Chacon said he’d fix it, but someone from his office warned Louis to check him out online before getting more surgeries, according to NBC 7.

Louis is worried and thinks Dr. Chacon shouldn’t be doing surgeries now. She said nobody stopped him when things went wrong, and he kept doing surgeries and hurting people. She thinks someone should have stopped him.

Talking to a lawyer could be a good idea if you’re worried about any surgeries you had at Divino Plastic Surgery.

Final Thoughts

Heather Lang Vass, a nurse, is involved in Megan Espinoza’s death. Megan’s family is suing Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacon. Another patient, Natassia Louis, wasn’t happy with Dr. Chacon’s “full mommy makeover” and said he didn’t do enough.

To sum up, Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery are in big legal trouble because of Megan’s death and complaints from other patients.


Q: Who is Dr. Carlos Chacon?

 A: Dr. Carlos Chacon is a plastic surgeon who has been accused of causing the death of one of his patients, Megan Espinoza.

Q: What charges does Dr. Chacon face?

 A: Dr. Chacon faces charges of second-degree murder following the death of Megan Espinoza after a surgical procedure.

Q: Why were the charges against Dr. Chacon upgraded to second-degree murder? 

A: The charges were raised because it’s alleged that Dr. Chacon didn’t call 911 for three hours while Megan Espinoza was in pain and even treated other patients during this time.

Q: Who else is involved in Espinoza’s death?

 A: Heather Lang Vass, a registered nurse who assisted Dr. Chacon during the treatment, is also implicated in Megan Espinoza’s death.

Q: What legal action has been taken against Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacon? 

A: Megan Espinoza’s family has brought legal action against Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacon.

Q: What was another patient, Natassia Louis, unhappy about regarding Dr. Chacon? 

A: Natassia Louis wasn’t satisfied with Dr. Chacon’s “full mommy makeover” procedure and criticized him for not taking action.

Q: What consequences do Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery face due to these allegations? 

A: Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery face serious legal consequences, including charges and possible lawsuits, because of allegations of negligence and misconduct leading to patient harm.

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